Built-In Storage Ideas For Your Home

Storage Ideas for Home

No amount of space seems sufficient to us after a point of time when commodities exceed the storage space. To get relief from storage problems we use tricks like stuffing clothes in limited spaced closets, piling our loved pairs of heels one on top of the other, sidelining the artistic show pieces on the shelves to make space for stacking books and others. But such hacks fail in the long run when you've finally run out of ideas to accommodate your ever increasing list of things.
For putting an end to your storage limitations many a time you might have thought of relinquishing your shopping temptations.  But I won't let you make such a sacrifice. What I can let you do is, implement one or many of the below mentioned built-in storage ideas for your rescue.
1) Add shelves along the bedroom walls

The space that skips our sight is the one just below the ceiling. Shelves can be built along the perimeter of the bedroom walls. You can organize showpieces, books and other items on these.

2) Add a garments rack in a bedroom corner

Racks can be used for hanging extra clothes to ease the pressure on the closets. Moreover, you can organize and plan the clothes to wear to office next day well in advance. It gives an easy and quick access to riffle through them.

3) Use a headboard with storage/bed with drawers

This is dual utility furniture. If you have such a bed you can easily store lesser used clothes, books, utensils and other insignificant materials. The more the space you get inside the bed the better for your storage needs. This also is a favorable place to store because it helps to elude the sight.

3) Install a shelf/cabinet above your bedroom door

The space above your bedroom door is one of the neglected places for storage which you can use for storing linen, books, towels or seldom used shoes and other things.
4) Add a window seat with drawers or cubbies

A built-in window seat with cubbies or a cushioned bench with drawers in front of the bedroom window will not only satisfy your storage needs but also create an opportunity for sun bathing while you sit on it sipping on coffee or reading a novel.
5)  Install rods in your bedroom nook

Installation of rods in your bedroom nook will make an easy storage for shoes, coats, jackets etc. You can organize your multiple pairs of shoes on them to save the space reserved by a free standing shoe cabinet. Umbrellas, scarves, coats or jackets can also be hanged on these rods.

6)  Add hooks to your walls

Choose any wall of your bedroom or living room to add hooks to hang things. Determine the things you want to hang on the hooks based on the room you like because you wouldn't like to display certain things in the guest room or living room. You can hang your coats, hats, bags, keys, belts and other suitable things. These hooks may not be very sturdy to carry heavy weights.

7) A cork board for Jewelry

If you implement the idea of a cork board on a wall, you will have ample space for hanging your jewelry like necklaces and earrings.  A cork board will also save your necklaces from getting tangled.

8) Floating shelves

Floating shelves can be installed in any room of the home. They are available in different sizes and shapes and are versatile for storing any item you want.
9)  Island with drawer/cabinet/cubbies

Necessity is the mother of invention. An island in a kitchen takes up a lot of space, so try making space within it. Customize islands outfitted with drawer, cabinet or cubbies space to store kitchen essentials. You can even keep wine bottles inside them.

10) Recessed cabinetry

Unlike free standing cabinets which occupy a lot of physical space, recessed cabinets on walls save space and help in bulk storage of goods. You can have them built in kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom or in all of them. From bathroom linens, towels, to cosmetics, books and utensils, they can store anything and everything.
All the ideas discussed above can be implemented with great ease at affordable rates. These built-in storage hacks add both beauty and functionality to your space. Choose the ones suitable for your need and appealing to your fancy. Next time, you pick an item to purchase; you wouldn't feel demotivated for lack of space. 

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