Convert Your Basement Into A Movie Theater In 4 Easy Steps

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Basement Remodeling Ideas

Many homeownersdo not make proper use of their basements and leave them empty and often in debilitated conditions. However, prudent occupants realize the potential of the basement as an extra room. It can be converted into a bar, a game room, an extra living room or pretty much any other room that we please.

In this blog, we will discuss ways in which you can convert your basement into a movie theater.

Choosing the screen wall

To begin with, you have to decide where your movie screen will go. This is a very crucial decision as it will determine the layout for the rest of the room.

When choosing the wall where the screen will be set up, it is important to take into consideration the viewing distance. For a 50-60 inch screen, the viewing distance should be around 10-15 feet. For a much larger screen of about 110 inches, the distance would be about 25 feet.
Make sure that there isn’t a lot of sunlight on your movie screen. Either choose a different wall or put up an adequate amount of blinds and curtains to avoid direct sunlight.

When choosing the screen wall, ensure that there is plenty of space left in the room for other leisurely and entertaining activities. The latter should not interfere or interrupt the movie watching experience.

Sound-proof your theater

It is important to be considerate when making your very own movie theater. Make sure you do not become a nuisance to your family upstairs or your neighbors every time you decide to watch your favorite flick.

If you cover the floor concrete with carpet and sub-wood flooring, sound waves will not be able to bounce off the floor. Similarly, to sound-proof walls that are made up of cement blocks, you can cover them with wood panels, drywall or sheet-rock. Overall, fabric wall panels are the best way to soundproof a room. Other materials such as Roman fabric shades, upholstered furniture, draperies, rugs etc. are also excellent sound absorbents.

Putting in the cables

You may wish to enjoy your TV viewing experience with the help of an antenna, traditional cable or satellite. You may also wish to use all three. Whatever your preferences, in order to connect them to the screen, you need coax cabling.
When setting up the cable lines for your system, it is advisable to create more than one. This way, you have the option of setting up the line of your choice. Furthermore, you also have the option of setting up more than one movie theater system in your basement.

Finding the right A/V systems

Undoubtedly, this is perhaps the most important decision that you will have to take when it comes to your home theater system. While you may be quick to buy the biggest screen within your budget, it is better to talk to few consultants first. They will tell you that the size of your theater screen will directly depend upon the distance between the screen wall and the seating area. Of course, if you are looking for movie hall experience, it is better to buy a video projector.
When deciding upon the sound system, it is better to go for in-built ceiling and wall speakers because they provide excellent sound quality. Furthermore, they raise the aesthetic value of your basement as there are no exposed wires.

To raise the beauty of your room even more, you could keep your system inside media cabinets which would give it a cleaner look.

Converting your basement into a movie theater can be a tricky business. If you live in Georgia, US, and are looking for a basement contractor in Atlanta, there are plenty of professional construction companies in your area that offer world-class services at affordable prices.

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