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Basement Decor Ideas

So, you have decided to decorate your basement. Good choice! Many homeowners make the mistake of disregarding their basement as useless space and thereby miss out on the opportunity to utilize it constructively. Basements can be converted into a host of useful spaces such as an extra bedroom, game room, a bar or even an entire apartment space to rent out.

In this blog, we will discuss some ideas to design and decorate your basement in order to transform it into a delightful habitable experience.

Plan it out

This one is a no-brainer. Before you embark upon converting your basement, you need to first figure out what you want from it. For example, if you are planning to create a guest room, you will have to make room for a bathroom as well. If you are lucky enough to possess a large basement space, you can divide the same into separate spaces which can then be used for different purposes. If you do not have a large basement, you can still re-purpose the same to suit your diverse needs provided you plan properly.

Efficient utilization of space

Irrespective of whether you have a large basement or not, you should always optimize the space in order to get the best return on your investment. For example, if you decide to accommodate a bed in your basement, you could choose to have one with a suspension system. This way, you could neatly tuck it away when not in use. Space thus cleared could be utilized for a variety of purposes such as working-out etc.

The color scheme

When designing the color scheme for your basement, always remember that bold and strong colors make your space stand out. Having said that, they also make it look smaller. They give out the impression that the walls are closing in and make the ceiling look lower. If you want your basement to look spacious, use neutral colors such as white, gray or taupe. You can do the same to your furniture pieces such as tables, shelves or sofas.


Many homeowners have an affinity towards wallpapers when decorating their houses. If you are one of them, we recommend that you do not go overboard with it. Consider using wallpaper for any one of the walls of your basement. Use a neutral color to paint the remaining 3 walls such as white etc. In order to reflect the maximum amount of light.

Open space

If your basement space is on the smaller side, adding walls could make it even more claustrophobic. Instead, we recommend that you define or demarcate the separate spaces in your basement through the clever use of decor and color. For instance, if you are looking to define a part of your basement as an adult relaxation area, consider using lighting that has dimmer switches and a sizable area rug. You can demarcate the rest of the basement by using task lighting that is bright, a sturdy and large table and storage shelves.

As seasoned contractors who regularly undertake basement renovation in Atlanta GA, we understand that when executed properly, you can transform your basement into a lovely and homely habitat that will enrich your living experience. 

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