Different Ways To Make Your Basement Ceiling Attractive

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Basement Remodeling

If the ceiling of your finished basement is unattractive, know that all your efforts in refurbishing it have fallen flat. When you go for a basement remodel, keep in mind that the ceiling is equally important to be handled with much attention. Since the metal ducts, electrical wires and plumbing pipes stare at you from above, they either need to be covered or disguised in an attractive way. Doing so will make it harmonious with the beauty of the room.

To help you make your basement ceiling as attractive as the other parts of the room, we have discussed below some ceiling makeover ideas that you will love. 

Paint - Painting the ceiling in black, monochrome or a mix of contrasting vibrant colors is an economical and easy way to disguise or hide the protruding mess of pipes.

Remember, to clean the cobwebs and dust particles before you paint the area. Use dark color spray paints for better coverage. Exposed ceilings give an industrial look, which many homeowners are fond of. So, after painting them, hang some pendant lights for an enhanced appearance.
Drop Ceiling (Tiles / Lightweight Panels) - Also known as false ceiling, these are in grid structure which hang from above with metal wires connected to joists. Drop ceilings can be made with different materials like 3D tiles, panels or wooden planks. Wooden planks or lightweight panels slide into the grid to form a complete ceiling. Apart from covering the disorderly state of things above, it acts as a sound absorbent too. The tiles and panels are easy to remove, whenever there is a need to repair or change the above lying pipes and wires. Drop ceilings are even easy to maintain.
Ceiling Tile - You can choose from a variety of styles if you decide to install ceiling tiles. The different molded details, patterns, and shapes render a character to the room. Go with the nude shades for greater impact. A classic wallpaper and wood resembling floors give be a contrasting match with your ceiling tiles for a complete old world charm look.

Corrugated Metal Ceiling - These kind of ceilings are ideal for gym, laundries, man caves and the like. They provide a different texture to the room due to which they easily grab the attention of the visitors. The corrugated steel sheets bounce off light. This feature makes it a popular choice among homeowners because they dislike their basements being dark and shadowy.

Fabric Ceiling - Yes, you read it right! You can also cover your ceiling using some fabrics. The material, color, and pattern of the fabric depend entirely on your taste. Hang them neatly or nail them to joists to camouflage the pipes and wires. Fabric ceilings are extremely economical involving no equipment cost. If you are a high-spirited, energetic person, go with a burst of colors. Create a canopy above your head and your guests are sure to notice it with much appreciation. However, fixing ceiling lights might be a problem. Ask your basement remodeling contractor to devise other lighting plans.
Fiber Optics - Optical fiber ceiling kits, tiles, domes, give effect to the stellar starry evening sky look that your eyes will love. This option is ideal for basement theater, spas, and spending quiet times in the dim light. Looking at the galaxy above your head gives a feeling of relaxation and of course charms the room with unbound natural outdoor beauty. Though it is an expensive choice, it is worth the experience. The only shortcoming is the low light factor. So, you need to set up other lighting options in your basement for brighter illumination.
The ceiling options shared above are sure to touch your fancy and of course to augment the beauty of your basement. Remember to hire a basement remodeling contractor to work on the ceiling of your choice. Skilled and professional work is always beneficial for you and your home. You get to save on your budget and enjoy a hassle-free experience.     

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