Do’s And Don’ts Of Keeping Home Remodeling Within Budget

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Home Remodeling Tips

When you are planning for an overall home remodeling, it is understood that the budget is going to be sky-high. To upgrade the look and functionality of the entire living space, including your basement, you have to be mentally ready  for the financial blow the remodeling contractor will be throwing at you.

However, there is a way to lighten the burden of expense by wisely spending on the essential aspects of the home and avoiding those that need no major makeovers.
How would you know which part needs attention and which don’t? Read the list below to get an idea of what are the places you must spend to get better functionality and resale value for your home.
Do Spend On The Following Aspects:

Front Door - When people come to see your home, the first thing they notice is the front door. If it has a shabby appearance or made of a poor quality material, their first impression will be a negative one. The front door must be of high quality encased fiberglass or wood. It should be sturdy as it serves as a protection and facade for the home.
Kitchen Countertop - Countertop is the most visible space in the kitchen. Choosing an elegant material for it like Quartz or Granite can render the much needed class to your kitchen. Since it is the place where most kitchen activities are performed it is wise to keep durability in mind too. Both Quartz and Granite are highly durable and also help in augmenting the resale value.
Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures & Cabinets- The shower-head, toilet, faucet, pipes etc. are exposed to water several times a day. It is best to use high-quality expensive fixtures that would last longer, function better and lower your expenses in the long run.
Same is true for cabinets which are opened and closed daily. If they are not sturdy or water resistant, they will warp and fall apart in a few months.
Windows - To get natural light and air, windows are the only source. They also add beauty to the rooms if customized and adorned with contrasting curtains or drapes.
Do Not Spend On The Following Aspects:

Lights - No doubt lights play an important role in beautifying the rooms but they need not be expensive accent lighting. Incorporate recessed lighting or indulge in DIY approach.
Kitchen Cabinets - Most of the times the cabinets do not warp or crumble. However, if they are in a wear-off condition, you can upgrade them using paint. If you still want a replacement, go for the readily available standard cabinets found in various styles, colors, and designs. You can save a lot by not spending on new custom cabinets.

Bathtub and Floor - Bathtubs come in various models and materials manufactured by different big and not-so-big brands. So, instead of a stone tub buy an acrylic, fiberglass or enameled steel model which serve the same purpose as the expensive ones but come at a much reasonable rates.
As for the flooring of the bathroom, do not use too expensive a material. Rather go for the ones with anti-skid and water resistant quality. Choose materials that are durable against water damage, like concrete, sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles. Concrete is made fashionable these days with different tints and polishes. But most importantly it’s the most durable of all the other options.
Bathroom Tiles - In order to save, do away with the idea of installing floor-to-ceiling tiles on the bathroom walls. Instead, paint the walls with soothing colors to bring about a freshness. If you want to use tile at all, do so for the backsplash to make it attractive.
Using your money for the potential areas in your home is a wise decision. Several years down the line if you wish to sell your abode, you can get a fair value for it provided you have followed the above suggestions. Planning for a home remodeling without proper knowledge can build up a hefty budget. A reputed home remodeling contractor can give you relevant tips catering to your requirements. 

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