Exciting Walk-In Shower Ideas

Walk-In Shower Ideas

Walk-in showers are a great fit for both big and small bathrooms. And if not more they offer the same elegance and comfort to your bathing experience. Nowadays, more and more people are shifting their taste from bathtubs to walk-in showers as they occupy less space and are more convenient for working people. Most homeowners are not willing to spend a wasteful amount of time soaking in water.
Below are some modern walk-in shower ideas that you can use for your next bathroom remodel to transform your everyday experience.

Glazed ceramic tiles - You can use the glazed ceramic tiles for the walls and not for the floor as they are too slick. Cover the floor with marble to get the desired elegant effect. It would be best to contrast the colors of walls and floors say for example, black glazed tiles and white marble floor. Ceramic tiles are stain resistant and are easy to maintain.
Shower seats - Built-in shower seats or bench offers both comfort and convenience. Due to this challenging or complex design, the choice of tiles must be made carefully as it should conform to the layout and complement the look. But care should be taken to make the edges of the seat rounded and smooth to avoid any injuries.
Combine wooden cabinetry with pale gray hues - If your bathroom is small go with neutral shades like white, ecru or pale gray. And to complement the shade, use wooden cabinetry as a striking contrast. The color combination of the bathroom will give it a serene and attractive look.

Choose nature-inspired wallpaper - Bring nature indoors to get a feel of bathing under a waterfall. Green is a refreshing color and can effortlessly give life to an enclosed space. Bright wallpapers can make give your day a rejuvenating start.
Brass or gold fixtures - Choose shower-heads and other fixtures in brass or golden tone to achieve that rustic-chic look. These brass or golden fixtures will add depth, dimension and a feel of luxury to your bathroom space. The best color that goes best with gold is black. The gold and black combo make a bold statement.
All these design tips will add the much-desired warmth to your space in no time. Walk-in showers can produce the same stylish effect for your bathroom if renovated by an expert bathroom remodeling contractor in Atlanta or the place you live in. Begin each day with a wonderful feeling invoked by your bathroom. 

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