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Home Design Trends 2019

The New Year is all about new beginnings. So, why not reboot the appearance of your home as you prepare to begin your life afresh? The place we live in dictates the quality of our lives in a major way. Surround yourself with all that is contemporary and beautiful to enjoy your living.

Let the exclusive home design trends of the New Year make way into your home and leave you feeling special. Find out which trends are going to rule in the year ahead.

1. Natural elements - Pushing away the tech-inspired designs of the past year, natural elements like concrete, wood, jute, stone, copper are making a comeback with a fresh take. The areas where they will find their place are likely to be floors, walls, cabinets, fireplace, and others. If you are a nature lover, this is a great way of bringing the outdoor natural charm into your home. Use your creative side to experiment with these natural elements or get ideas from an expert home remodeling contractor on how to add these elements in your abode.

2. Richer shades - Brighter and bolder room colors will dominate this year while muted or lighter shades will retreat. The bold colors are believed to be complementing the contemporary decor and furnishings of homes and help them stand out. After a prolonged period of living in neutral hues, homeowners are expected to be drawn towards richer shades that will transform their perspective of bolder colors. 

3. Matte finishes - Against the dramatic feel of high-shine finishes, matte reflects a calmer and more dignified look. Cabinets, appliances, wall paints in matte shades lend your home a futuristic appeal. If proper shades are combined together or matte finished furnishings are used, they will create an undying ultra-cool look that will never grow out of fashion.

4. Light colored wooden floors - Thanks to the homeowners for welcoming back the wooden floor with elegant shades. Wood being a natural material keeps the air fresh and renders an effortless charm. The light shades like beachy, light oak, and birch, make the room airy and bright as they help in reflecting light. Wooden floors are versatile and can easily achieve a casual to luxurious look without sacrificing the comfort. 

5. Colorful kitchen cabinets - The current trend is bold and colorful kitchen cabinets in shades of purple, orange, red, turquoise, green and yellow. Pair them up with light shade countertop to heighten the elegance factor in your cooking space. To add more elegance, use these shades in matte finish. Navy matte finish cabinets with gold or silver toned handles are in vogue. To calm down the overpowering effect of the bold shade cabinets, paint the walls in neutral. 

Bring out the best of your home with these exclusive home design ideas. For a more customized upgrade, talk to a professional home remodeling contractor in Atlanta who can update you more on the latest trends you should consider for your home’s makeover. 


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