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Kitchen & Bath Trends 2019

Are you ready to give your kitchen and bathroom a makeover with the trending styles of 2019? Implement some welcoming changes as you welcome the New Year to give your home’s most valuable spaces a refreshing feel. Keeping pace with changing styles is always beneficial for your home and your lifestyle. Modern techniques and style are aimed to make life simpler.
Here are some kitchen and bath trends to die for. Upgrade your space with these ideas to fall in love with your home once again.

Kitchen Trends

1. Use more raw materials - Polished, perfect-looking finishes will be replaced with the rustic and warm look of natural materials like stone, wood, shiplap, jute and more. The use of these materials will welcome past memories with the onset of the New Year. Offer your kitchen a country-chic charm with ample use of these raw elements.

2. Bid adieu to white - Keep pristine white and nude shades aside for a while now and use subtle colors like dusty pink, green and turquoise. Get a hand-aged backsplash and copper faucet to get an attractive look.
3. Install marble sinks - Italian inspired butler-style sinks are an elegant modern kitchen trend. They bring style into your kitchen effortlessly. Cut from a single block of stone, they come in a variation of finishes. Install the one you like and you will always be happy to do the dishes.
4. Go matte - It is the time for mattes whether be in makeup or kitchen trends. Cover your cabinets with a coat of matte finish paint and install matte appliances for an attractive and fashion-forward look. Matte finish appliances are easier to clean and are here to stay for long.
5. Use leather drawer pulls - Since this year is all about organic materials, replace your nickel or chrome cabinet and drawer pulls with leather straps. The shift from polished metal hardware to organic leather will give the cabinets warmth and depth.
Bathroom Trends

1. Say hello to the industrial style look - This style is sure to impress those who love the basic and genuine industrial look. Exposed pipes and hardware is the main focus to achieve this look. This type of style is mostly seen in antique homes but it has now returned in much contemporary form with sleek fittings in gold and copper tone.
2. Cover walls in bright wallpapers - Patterned or floral printed wallpapers are going to conquer most bathroom walls in 2019. They exude a freshness into the space making your private time in there much more refreshing. Choose the ones in bold and bright colors for adding more drama.

3. Add a piece of art - This idea is as good for big bathrooms as for the smaller ones. A sophisticated painting or a statement vase will improve the overall look of your bathroom. The sole artifact will be enough to draw the entire attention towards it from the rest of the space.

4. Give importance to concrete - Though concrete is not very likable for its drab and cold look, it can be combined with other natural elements to make it appear more refined and warm. The new sleek look of concrete mixed with organic materials like steel, wood or porcelain will make it top the bathroom trends list in 2019.

5. Shift vanities in front of windows - This is a great way to stand and enjoy the outdoor view through the window in your private space. The mirror in this case either has to be suspended from the ceiling or hanged to the next wall.
These styles of kitchen and bathroom will upgrade your space to a contemporary feel and function. Get the styles implemented through a bathroom and kitchen remodel by an expert remodeling contractor in Atlanta or a nearby place. 

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