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Guest Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

Having a basement to the house is always an enviable advantage for any homeowner. The extra space can be converted and utilized into any room of your choice. You could have a kid’s playroom, a game room, a bar, a movie theater or even a wine cellar. If nothing else, you could always use the room for storage to keep your extra furniture etc.

In this blog, we will discuss the steps by which you can convert your basement into a guest bedroom.


As is the norm with any building or home renovation, it is imperative that you find out if you need any permit to convert your basement. If you do, you will have to undertake the requisite steps to acquire the same before you can begin remodeling.

Start with a clean slate

Before you proceed to renovate your basement, make sure it is clean. Almost all homeowners use the extra space to park excess furniture, old boxes full of family heirlooms and other hoarded items. In order to start any new project, you will first have to clear out the entire area where all the remodeling will take place.

Please note – irrespective of the kind of flooring that you want in your new bedroom (wood, carpet, tile etc.), you will first need to thoroughly clean your floor. This recommended that you use a heavy duty floor cleaner for this job.


Perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced when converting a basement into a bedroom is dealing with the humidity. Prolonged exposure to moisture can adversely affect one’s health. This is especially true where we spend a significant amount of time in our bedrooms. Additionally, moisture also leads to the degradation and deterioration of materials used in the furniture, flooring and wall finishes. Hence, proper insulation of the basement should be a precursor to any refurbishment work. Furthermore, such work should only be undertaken by professionals and not by amateurs as DIY projects. It is vital that the source of the water be correctly detected and permanently remedied. Please note – any temporary or make-shift arrangement to suppress the problem will only prolong the issue and not solve it.


Most localities have safety regulations that necessitate the need for a window in a basement bedroom that will serve as a natural ventilation. Even if such code does not exist, we recommend that you create one anyway. Having said that, if your basement does not provide for an opening, you can always install a split air conditioner system.

Space framing

Once you become aware of the layout of your space, it is time to frame it. You can start framing the space with 2X4’s before attaching the drywall. When putting up the latter, don’t forget to make provisions for phone or electrical wiring by cutting openings. You will also have to keep in mind any code requirements that you will have to meet during the installation process.

As veteran contractors who regularly perform basement remodeling, we understand that converting your basement into a bedroom can be an expensive affair. If not done properly, a costly undertaking could result in a defective finish that would ruin the experience of anybody who chooses to live in the space.

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