How To Increase The Value Of Your Basement

Basement Remodeling

Most homeowners use their basement as a space to dump materials that are seldom used. But this is a wastage of a potential expanse of space. There are many ways in which a basement can be remodeled, not just to extend the living space but also to increase the value of a home.
A finished basement styled on a unique theme will serve as an escape from the monotonous living experience for you and your family. It will be a dedicated space for your pleasures, enjoyment, and relaxation.

You can derive inspiration for a theme from various sources like home decor magazines, home decor TV shows, blogs and articles by home remodeling contractors, relevant social media platforms and so on.
But before you drift to search further, take a look at a host of basement remodeling ideas shared below. These will certainly give you a huge return on your investment.

Movie Theatre

To carry out this plan to transform your basement is advantageous as basements are naturally dark and also away from the cacophony. Silence and lack of light are the two most important requirements of a theatre which a basement easily fulfills.
Set up a large television, place a cozy couch with multiple cushions, and keep a collection of your favorite movies. For a complete theatre feel, ask your basement contractor to install wall scones or recessed lights with dimmers.
To munch a bowl of popcorn every time you watch a movie, an oven at proximity is necessary.
Laundry Room

This is a very convenient idea for homeowners with many family members as there would be a lot of washing and drying to do. Having your washing machine in the basement serves many beneficial purposes like - it vacates space in your home, hides the mess of unclean clothes from sight, and expels the annoying sound the machine makes.

If you have a big basement, you can place the washing machine in one corner, and have built-in cabinets for storing the detergents and towels. Add a couch or a table and chairs for spending your time reading a book or weaving a sweater while your clothes rotate.
Game Room

Converting your basement into a game room is quite an exciting idea. Imagine having a room dedicated to your favourite indoor game. Pool, chess, dart, bowling, etc. can be easily played inside your basement.
Hire an experienced basement contractor to get your adrenaline rushing with the professional execution of the theme.

Teenager’s Bedroom

If you have grown-ups in your home, dedicate a furnished space for them because they value privacy and freedom. Moreover, they have project works, exams, hobbies like music, singing, painting etc. which demand secluded and silent ambience. A finished basement can be useful for them to carry out their important works without any disturbance from the main house.
Let the theme be decided by them (if they want one) or keep it casual with their favorite wall decals and posters.

Yoga Room / Gym

If you exercise regularly and like being fit, try shifting the place of your workout to the basement. It is an idea you won’t regret. If you are into cardio, set up your personal gym with the equipment and machines. Also keep a blender and refrigerator for preparing and storing protein shakes.

Whereas, if you are a person seeking a harmony between mind and body, then keep the decor airy and vibrant. This will stimulate your body to inhale positive energy and exhale the negative. Keep a music system too for an inspiration for your yoga, meditation and gym sessions.

A basement can be converted into many other innovative functional spaces with the help of an expert basement contractor. With a finished basement, you can be assured of an enhanced living experience as well as an augmented asset value.

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