How To Keep Your Basement Secure

How to Secure Basement

Basements which are ideal to be converted into personalized comfortable hideouts can also be an easy entry point for burglars. However, with little awareness and care you can easily prevent these uncalled for events from happening.

Finished basements are a joy to live in. With an experienced and expert basement contractor you can refurbish your drab space to add function and beauty. But before you embark on a basement remodeling project, have a talk with your contractor regarding the security aspect. The quality of materials used also play a significant role in protecting your basement.
There are some measures you can take to provide the much needed security your basement needs. Let us see what are the ways in which you can safeguard your basement.

Strong door - Install a solid-core door for maximum strength. For even more secure options, you can go with steel security basement door or a gate with long screws. You can also go for a fiberglass door. If you choose the fiberglass option, install a high-quality deadbolt to it with a reinforced strike plate. A strong door will keep intruders from breaking into your basement.

Windows with bars - Installing windows with bars or grilles are very useful for security purposes. Basements with such windows are not a tempting option for burglars to break into because they can’t enter through a window with bars. If you want the beauty factor along with security, go for the decorative grilles which would look better and serve the purpose too. Better still if you fix them from inside for minimum exposure.

Window security screens and films - If you are more concerned about the beauty and also need security at the same time, go for window screens and films. If a burglar tries to break the glass, it would be collected in the film making it difficult for an intrusion.
Clear the shrubberies - Keep the windows visible but do not allow any plants or shrubberies to grow in front of the basement window. Bushes and vegetation serve as coverage to burglars as hiding spots. At the opportune time, they will enter through the window. To keep such risks at bay, keep the areas in front of your basement window safe.
Home burglaries are one of the most common crimes. Complete protection of your basement might not be possible. But by implementing these simple steps along with the use of good quality locks and security systems like alarms and sensors, can ward off the risk to a substantial extent.

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