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Save And Splurge On Basement Remodeling

Many home-owners utilize their basement constructively by converting it into a space of their choice. This could be an extra bedroom, a game room, a bar, a wine cellar or even a complete apartment to rent out. Unfortunately, some home-owners get carried away in their desire to realize the basement of their dreams and end up spending more money than their wallets would allow. Even worse, they are left disappointed when, in spite of having spent a fortune, owing to poor planning or execution or both, they are left with a finished space that does not meet their requirements.

In this blog, we will discuss where to splurge and where to save when remodeling your basement.


If you are the social type who relishes entertaining guests, converting your basement into a bar is a very good idea. If you are planning to install a bar, we recommend that you make a generous investment. Most fashionable bars come with coffered pillars and ceilings. This gives the entire space a pub-like look and feel and serves as an ideal setting for friends to gather around and have fun.

Verdict – Splurge


Remodeling is an expensive affair. Period.

The cost of materials alone will take a substantial toll on your pocketbook. Avoid trying to go for an ambitious complete overhaul of your entire basement. Instead, focus only on the area you need for your bedroom, wine cellar, apartment for rent etc. You can cordon off the rest of the space and use it for storage till the time you want to utilize the same constructively.

Verdict – Save


Even for spaces that allow natural light to come in, basements are notorious for being dark with low light. In such situations, artificial lighting is crucial if you are planning to use the space. Please note – in the case of recessed lighting, it is not going to cost you much. If you are planning to decorate your new room, we suggest that you splurge on artificial lighting. Even in the case of focal point or pendant lighting which tends to be expensive, the cost would be worth it in the end.

Verdict – Splurge


Luxury Vinyl Tiles or LVT is visually very appealing but quite reasonable in terms of price. It can be molded to look identical to a host of other building materials such as marble, hardwood floors etc. The best part? They are scratch resistant so you are also looking at a low-cost maintenance in the long run.
Verdict – Save

Insulate the ceiling

There is no point in creating a cozy room or a private and secluded place for yourself in your basement if you are constantly bombarded by the noises inside your house upstairs. To remedy the same, we suggest that you install fiberglass batts in your basement ceilings. This will substantially reduce the noise pollution. Remember – most houses have hardwood floors that ring very loud when trodden upon.

Verdict – Splurge

We recommend that you plan and strategize the renovation properly thereby avoiding a lot of unnecessary and superfluous spending and save substantially on the project. Hiring a very good basement remodelling contractor is the best way to go.

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