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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Great kitchens inspire great food. And a small kitchen is not an exception to this rule. Kitchens are the cynosure of a home where all the action of regular and special days takes place. 

In our lives, food is integral and a common part and a supportive kitchen is your good friend. So what if it lacks space? A small kitchen isn’t a problem at all only if you know how to smartly and visually expand the space.

To lessen the pangs of having a small kitchen here are some helpful tips for making your kitchen inviting on a budget.

Go for open shelves - If you have a small cooking space, closed cabinetry makes the space look even smaller. So, better go for open shelves and keep your dishware organized well. Or choose chicken wire or glass doors for your cabinets. Chicken wire or transparent doors aid the sight to travel further which is not possible in completely closed cabinets.

Use light-colored paint - Light shades always act as space enhancers. Paint the walls as well as the cabinets in a light or neutral colors like yellow, aqua, lime green, ecru, cream or white. The insides of the cabinet can be of a darker shade as opposed to their exterior. This will brighten up the space and give it a feel of airiness and elegance. Use of dark colors on the walls and cabinets chops down the space visually.

Maximize entry of natural light - Nothing feels better than the warmth and glow of natural light. You may not have the freedom to have multiple large windows in your kitchen but definitely can keep the window treatments to a minimum to allow maximum amount of light. Light plays an important role in enlarging a space.

Expand floor space - Use of dark colored, patterned rugs or tiles are adverse to a small kitchen. Having said that, there are some exclusive patterns that apparently widen the space. For example, if you use patterns like oversized diamonds, chevron or horizontal stripes for the floor you will automatically magnify the visual kitchen space. But remember to use these patterns in not very contrasting or dark colors.
Choose furniture wisely - Do not use bulky furniture or chunky artifacts. Decorate with slender lightweight furniture that will not only take less space but also allow eyes to move easily through the room. A glass-top table would be a great choice as it’s transparency will help your sight to travel all through the floor. Use the same idea for an island. Not a glass-top island but an old dresser or a table with shelves will be equally effective.

Expand the room vertically - When you are expanding the size of the room apparently, it should be done from all possible directions. How can you increase it vertically? Increase the illusory length of the room by creating a soffit above the cabinets and place objects that match the background. This will give the illusion of a higher ceiling than it is in reality.

Use transparent jars and containers - This is a simple yet clever way of maximizing the airiness and openness of the room. The reasoning behind this hack is akin to the open shelving or glass door cabinet concept, that is, to allow eyes to travel freely. So, use glass jars and containers that allow light to travel through them.

Declutter the kitchen space - A disorganized kitchen can make even a big kitchen look small whereas a neat space gives peace to the eyes. Hide all the clutter and unnecessary items behind closed doors or inside a wicker basket. Make sure your countertop, cabinet tops, windowsills are all clear. This will give your small kitchen the much needed tidiness and more work space.
All these hacks can put your small kitchen complaints to an end forever without having to invest in any big structural changes. Thus, with little innovation and out-of-the-box ideas, one can easily expand a kitchen space on a budget. 

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