Lighting Options For An Appealing Basement

Basement Lighting Options

Many homeowners convert their basement into a room of their choice which they can use. This could be an extra guest room, a bar, a playroom for kids, hang out for teenagers or an entire apartment which they could rent out.

Unfortunately, one of the most common issues that plague homeowners when they remodel their basements is the lighting. Since few basements allow natural light to come in, owners have to take tricky decisions when setting up the lighting in their basements.

In this blog, we will discuss some viable lighting ideas to refurbish the basement.


Since basements are underground, they tend to be damp and dark. Lighting is the means of expunging the same. For example, if you place sconces high up on the back walls, they give the illusion of higher ceilings. If you want your space to look well-thought-out and cozy, we recommend a decorative and tall floor lamp.

Track lighting

One of the most popular lighting options employed during basement remodeling is track lighting. This is primarily because it is very flexible, can be installed easily and doesn’t occupy much wall or floor space. Track lighting allows you to combine flood or pendant fixtures for ambient lighting with spot fixtures for accent lighting. If you have used track lighting and are rearranging the room’s design or furnishings, you can change the lighting without changing the fixtures.

Recessed lighting

If there is one form of lighting that is even more popular than track lighting, it's recessed. Having said that, if you decide to go with recessed lighting, make sure that it is layered. This means that the ambient light should be augmented by accent and task lighting.

One very common practice among basement remodelers is to install recessed can light after lowering the ceiling. We recommend that you peel back the ceiling at places. Along these exposed joists, install track lights. This will give the space an airy feel and a modern look.

Industrial style lighting

Basements often have exposed plumbing, structural, electrical and mechanical systems. They also have concrete walls. This gives them a distinctly industrial look. If you have planned to preserve or accentuate this look and not cover it up, we recommend industrial-style lighting.

To give your basement an industrial look, use metal-and-glass pendant lights. They are a sophisticated version of the lighting used across a variety of industrial places. This kind of lighting is ideal for the minimalist look of an industrial setting.

Task lighting

If you are one of the privileged few who possesses high ceilings in their basement, this kind of lighting is for you. Install task lighting over your entertainment or seating areas for a cozy and warm vibe. If you have a bar in your basement, install a pendant above it. Alternatively, install a chandelier if you have a table. Both the aforementioned options will serve to make your space more intimate.

If you are planning to install low hanging fixtures, make sure that you do so above pool tables or bars. This way, you can avoid walking under them and accidentally hit your head.

Lighting is an integral element of your basement finishing. Since basements often do not get the benefit of natural lighting, artificial lighting has to properly compensate for the same. A well-lit basement can serve as an invaluable additional room for your home. So, if you are planning to remodel the lighting in your basement, make sure you hire a skilled contractor who can execute the job efficiently.

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