Tips To Design An Ultimate Man Cave

basement renovation ideas

We all spend loads of money on weekends for a special retreat and diversity from regular life. What if this special haven is created within your home where you get to spend some solitary time relaxing in your own way? A priceless idea, isn’t it?
The man of the family might as well need a change of lifestyle, place, and treatment to unwind from the week-long tiredness. To fulfill your need and desire you have a basement waiting to be converted the way you want it to. Just let your imagination fly and bring to you the most fascinating but feasible basement renovation ideas. You can either plan it around a theme like a bar or a playroom or just blend the fun and calm together.
Whatever be your idea, here are few details you need to focus on for achieving a basement man-cave because it is not like just any other room of the home.

Proper insulation - Ask your basement finishing contractor to insulate your basement optimally. Insulation serves multiple purposes like heat retention, lower energy consumption, and soundproofing. You would neither want your basement to be noisy nor to be extremely cold during winters. Hence, insulation is necessary for a comfortable living. There are a lot of insulation material options available which you can choose. They range from acoustic tiles or foam panels, acoustic ceiling material to fiberglass batt insulation and rigid foam.

Plumbing - If you plan to spend long hours in your cave or wish to turn it into a bedroom, a bathroom would be a necessity. Be it for a bathroom or a bar in your basement, plumbing work comes into play. A source of running water is essential in both the cases. Have a talk with your contractor about the plumbing work prior to the renovation work.

Play - If you are a pool lover, place the pool table in a corner that would not disturb your movement or obstruct the view. Similarly, if you are more of a gaming person, consider the distance between your seat and the television screen. If you have a small basement then gets a small screen for a better viewing experience. 

Peg or pitcher? - Having a bar in your cave is like a cherry on the cake. No man can refuse the pleasure of having a wine cellar in his personal zone. Include a refrigerator for keeping beverages cool and a kitchenette for satisfying food cravings. A microwave can help you make a fresh hot tub of popcorn for a movie session.

Pendants - There are many lighting options for your man cave from traditional ceiling lights to bar-style pendants. For a variation, you can use a couple of accent lights.
These ideas will culminate into an exciting and comfortable haven where you can spend your personal time at leisure. With a basement finishing contractor you can get all the amenities you desire in your cave with an expert finesse. Be ready to experience a new entertainment and relaxing zone right inside your home.       


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