Top 8 Tips For Fall Home Maintenance

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall is the time when the temperature goes down and the nature around you changes its color, calling for the much awaited celebration towards the end of the year. While you prepare to take over the approaching challenges of the cold season, your home too needs to be taken well care of against the falling temperature. To make your home look impeccable and ensure the appliances and other fixtures work smoothly, it is essential to carry out some home maintenance steps.
To make your fall home maintenance task easy, read through the 7 tips shared below.
HVAC Service - It is better to get a professional HVAC service for the inspection of your furnace. Check for faults and fix them earlier than the peak season when prices would be much higher. Replace the filters and clean all the air ducts of your furnace. Ensure that you don’t have to spend the winter nights shivering in cold.
Clean the gutters - Clogged gutters can flood your interior or damage the foundation of your home. To clean them remove all the accumulated debris with PVC pipes attached to garden hose. Install gutter guards to prevent further clogging. As a remedy to flush out the storing debris easily in the winter season add a downspout extender.
Wash the windows & check for drafts - Before fall begins clean the windows for which you didn’t get time throughout the year. Just use warm soapy water and a sponge to scrub the glasses of your windows and get them squeaky clean. Then check for drafts. Caulk or weatherstrip them to prevent heat loss and mold build-up. If cracks go unfixed, they will lead to high electricity bills.
Clean the bathroom vent fan - Each day the fan runs to reduce the humidity inside the closed space. Hence, it needs to be cleaned to keep it running smoothly. To clean the bathroom vent fan:
Remove the cover
Wipe off the dust on it and wash it in soapy water
Suck in the dust of the fan box with a vacuum cleaner 
Clean the blades 
Spray silicone lubricant on the movable parts
Fix the cover back and turn it on to check if it’s running properly

Clean the bathroom drain - Drains suffer a lot. And if they do not function, we suffer too. To clean the drain go for DIY efforts or seek the help of a bathroom remodeling contractor for plumbing works. To clean the drain:

Remove the drain assembly
Insert a rod or stick in the pipe to push down or pull out clogging materials like hair and dirt
Pour bleaching powder and let it remain there for at least 20 minutes
Flush it down with water

Clean shower-heads - Accumulation of mineral deposits on shower-heads is a common problem. If you do not fix the problem, water stops jetting through them or it may go haywire. To clean the nozzles, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it over the shower-head allowing it to remain immersed for a night. If this seems difficult, remove the head and dip it in a bowl full of vinegar. Next, wash it off with hot water. Homeowners can easily go for a bathroom remodeling in Atlanta to do away with the bathroom related issues that make your mornings dull.

Inspect the deck - Look for cracks, signs of rotting or protruding nails in your deck. If you find these, take immediate action in fixing the problems. To test for rotting, sprinkle water on your deck. If the water soaks in instead of beading up, it’s time to get your deck rebuilt by a general remodeling contractor

Clean the driveway, patio and the home’s exterior - The best way to clean the driveway, walkway or your patio is by using a pressure washer. Check for cracks prior to pressure washing and then go for the cleaning spree. Seal the cracks so that water doesn’t solidify inside them and then later expand to make their size even bigger.

As for your home’s exterior, you need to get rid of the moss, stains, and dirt that curb the beauty of your abode. But in this case, pressure washing is not the right option for your home’s lifespan. Go for soft washing - the most eco-friendly solution and renew the appearance of your home.
Home is our most prized possession. Proper care retains its beauty and longevity. To avoid regrets later for expensive repair works, it is advised that you keep it in its peak condition. The above-mentioned tips will certainly help you upgrade the condition of your home.   

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