Top Remodeling Ideas For Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The soul warming and dreamy bathroom images that we see in the home decor magazines or TV shows touches our fancy and inspires us to build one for ourselves. Adding a touch or comfort, beauty, and functionality to our personal space is never a let down. Upgrading a bathroom enhances our everyday experience and helps us start your day with a fresh mind.
Bathrooms can be remodeled to augment the luxury quotient as well as functionality. Nowadays people are choosing small but efficient bathrooms over hugely spacious ones. 

Big changes can be incorporated with multiple styling options in small space bathrooms. Find out below how you can transform your bathroom with these ideas in the most exotic ways.


Gone are the days when simple and monochrome tiles were used for the bathroom walls. But today the trend is of using bold, neutral, three dimensional, creative and textured tiles as accents to highlight a specific wall, backsplash area, behind the vanity area, bathtub or below the shower area. These tiles are available in different types of materials like ceramic, marble, glass, porcelain, and others.

Many of them are inspired by the art and culture of a specific place like the Mediterranean mosaics, arabesque patterns or a fun fusion of retro and the modern. If you a person of more subtle taste then you can go with neutral walls of natural stone material, graphic porcelain or ceramic, in patterns or textures. Use them anywhere in the bathroom to divert the focus. The tiles are the best way to set the essence of your mood. 

Color Palette

Just like tiles, even color schemes can create similar impact on your senses in the bathroom. If tiles is a costly affair for you, then play with paint. Color your walls in textures or patterns, in neutral or bold shades, for a calming or rejuvenating feeling respectively. You can also hang a painting to add depth. Remember, for a relaxed sense of feeling you should stick to mild colors or even classic white.


Small bathrooms have to be functional more than aesthetically appealing. What if you can blend both in equal proportions? For this you have to go with open or recessed shelves, hanging cabinets or open cabinets. Closed cabinets give a more concealed appearance to your limited space.
Roll linens and bold colored towels and display on the open shelves. Keep your bathing products on the shelves or portable containers like jars, woven baskets or plastic containers to relieve your countertop from clutter. Store small essentials inside a jar to give the bathroom a clean and organized look. Other ways of using the space optimally are floating vanities, walk-in showers, free standing tubs, sleek sink bowls, and strategically designed floor graphics that give an illusion of larger space. 

You can further enhance the look by using granite, ceramic or porcelain for your countertop. 


Imagine purging yourself in the bathroom, with Mozart or Beethoven playing in the background. What a state of euphoria! Yes, thanks to the creative minds of the inventors who made playing of music possible with the opening of the water closet lid and turning on of showers. Kohler, a renowned name in bathware products, has introduced a shower that plays music while it bathes you and stops automatically when you are done. 

This is not all. Seat warmers, under floor heating system, adjustable air dryer, automatic lid openers, built-in deodorizers, controllable shower water temperatures are the other technological luxuries to optimize your bathroom experience. If you don’t want to forsake food or beverage experience too while you lay in the tub, you can have a refrigerator under your cabinet to keep your drinks and medicines cool.

Bathroom lighting is no longer about illuminating the space. It is about setting the mood with the right kind of strategic lighting. Accent lighting and upward pointing scones can be used in the vanity area, around the mirror or cabinet to set a soft mood and highlight the specific area. Recessed lighting above the shower illuminates the bathing area beautifully. Low power lights are used nowadays to reduce the glare and increase the sense of comfort.
Benefits of bathroom remodeling are many, provided it is done with proper planning and care. Apart from adding beauty and functionality to your personal space, it heightens the resale value of your home. The recent trends or remodeling ideas for your bathroom will open up a new world of possibilities to customize it the way you want. 

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