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Bathroom Remodeling Atlanta GA

Bathrooms are our go-to space when it is about washing away our day’s exhaustion and imbibing freshness. Nothing beats the feeling of soaking into  a bathtub of lavender scented water or bathing under musical showers. The readily available spa-like treatment that a personal space like a bathroom can offer, cannot be accessed from anywhere else.

To achieve a bathroom with comfort at its hilt, you have to spend almost a  fortune. But you can have a considerably luxurious and beautiful bathroom without splurging on top-notch amenities. All you have to do is spend wisely.

Read the guide below to follow your way to a functional, comfortable and soul-warming bathroom. Get an idea of where to spend and where not to.

Save on

Flooring - The material you choose has to be of anti-skid quality that can also remain strong against any water damage. Marble or stone also have the desirable features, but the same is found in other less expensive options like concrete, sheet vinyl, and vinyl tiles. Many would have the old opinion of concrete being dull and unfashionable. But the fact is concrete is now the most preferred option due to its durability and availability in different tints. So, choose a relatively inexpensive option for the flooring.

Bathtub - Having no bathtub at all isn’t a practical solution to save. The solution is to spend less. You can choose from a range of both expensive as well as inexpensive bathtub models manufactured by numerous brands. A high-end tub may not fetch you higher ROI. So, choose something like fiberglass, acrylic or enameled steel. They all serve the same purpose as the expensive ones do, but come at a cheaper price.

Tiles - Covering the walls from the floor to ceiling with tiles will cost you a lot. Moreover, why do that when you have the choice to save. Paint the walls with soothing neutral colors or use attractive tiles for the backsplash, in case you do not want to forgo using tiles at all. Tiles are also available in various cheap rates but with attractive designs. If you come across such a deal, go for it.

Splurge on

Cabinets - A bathroom is always laden with moisture and water. So, if the cabinets are not made of superior quality material, they will warp and fall apart. Moreover, cabinets are opened and closed several times daily. To withstand the rough use, the cabinets must be sturdy. The countertop with sink and faucet are the center of attraction.

Plumbing Fixtures - Faucets, showers, pipes, and other fixtures in bathroom are exposed to daily use and moisture. Using cheap materials will cause rusting and breakage. The poor quality fittings in no time will leak or become loose. This will only add to the repairing costs. High-end plumbing fixtures will last longer and earn you a higher ROI.

Lighting - Proper lighting is very essential in a bathroom. If you are doing make-up or soaking in the bathtub, customized lighting options can enhance the overall experience. Accent lighting, scones or chandeliers illuminate the bathroom brilliantly giving you the desired calming and soothing effect. Hence, splurging on lighting options will add to the value.

In one’s home, a bathroom is the only space where you get time to be all by yourself. You can relax, listen to music in the quiet or submerge yourself in a tub of luke warm water being lost in creative thoughts. For enjoying a pleasant time in the bathroom you need an expert bathroom remodeling contractor. A reliable bathroom remodeler will also give you ideas on ways to spend and save in your project.

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